Waste Management NiueWaste Management Niue
8 am - 4pm
Fonuakula Alofi


Makato Landfill was officially established in 1991, and is located in Alofi, at the bottom road going towards Tamakautoga village. The Department of Environment is responsible for the operation of the Makato Landfill.

Plastic wrappings & flexible packaging​

Plastic wrap, bubble wrap, zip lock bags and freezer bags is considered as general rubbish.

Hard plastic food trays​

Ice cream and takeaway food containers

Paint cans​

Paint tins & spray paint cans accepted at the landfill.​

Hygiene waste​

Dirty diapers & other unhygienic items.​

Animal waste​

Must notify Landfill manager for details​

Plastic bottles & cans​

Drop off to Recycling Center​

Glass bottles & Jars​

Drop off to Recycling Center​

Tin metal cans

Drop off to Recycling Center​

Flattened cardboard & paperboard

Drop off to Recycling Center​