Waste Management NiueWaste Management Niue
8 am - 4pm
Fonuakula Alofi
On the 9th of December 2021, the Niue Waste Management Project kindly donated recycling bins to the Niue High School. Grateful to Principal Charles Ioane and Deputy Principal Moira Jackson, and the Niue High School for allowing our project team to present these 10 recycling systems (44 bins in total) to the school. These have been donated to the school to support the management of waste – funded by Australian Aid in partnership with the Government of Niue.
Sincere appreciation to Daniel Makaia (Waste project Technical Advisor) & Angela Tuhipa (Waste project Manager) for this prestigious launch.
The 4x Waste bins in their wheely frames are placed around different areas of the school.
Fakaaue lahi mahaki to the following donors and Departments, without your support, none of this would have been possible!
✨The Government of Niue
✨Waste management project
✨ Department of Environment
✨Australian Aid
We kindly remind students and general public to please use these bins around our school grounds and place your waste in the correct bin and not on the ground.
Here’s to a greener and cleaner Niue! ♻️
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