Waste Management NiueWaste Management Niue
8 am - 4pm
Fonuakula Alofi

The Niue Waste Management Project hosted the ECE & Niue Primary School in a 2 day event, covering multiple waste management activities with the highlight being the launch of the Niue Waste website and local made Animation.

Daniel Makaia who is the Technical Operations Adviser for the Project, mentioned that engaging with the school is very important for the project because kids at this age want to learn and try new things. Getting them to understand the importance of waste management while they’re young, will stick with them for a long time. They can also take what they learned from the 2 day event and applying it to how they manage their waste at home.

The new website contains information for the 2 landfills here in Niue, as well as information on the near complete Recycling Center located at Hikufenoga, Tamakautoga. The website will also help the public identify what waste streams are accepted at the Recycling Center, as well as waste streams that will be managed at the landfills.

Furthermore, the project also launched its first local made animation with the school. The animation introduces the project mascot called “Lulu Vale” on a mission to teach the public to separate your waste before dropping it off at the landfill. The project is grateful to JJ Designs (Jale Lomaloma) for assisting us on this activity. The animation will be uploaded to the website in the next coming days.

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