Waste Management NiueWaste Management Niue
8 am - 4pm
Fonuakula Alofi

We are happy to start off our field trips for our Invasive Species awareness programme targeting our younger generations. It has been proven that kids will learn more outside the classroom than inside.Yesterday we had students from Niue High School from both Year 8 classes. They have only just started learning about invasive species in their classes for this term but we are very impressed with what they already know about invasive species. This is part of the GEF6 Regional Invasives Project and is all about teaching our kids about various topics regarding invasive species.We would like to thank Niue High School, the teachers, students, and not forgetting the bus driver and co-pilot for an awesome day yesterday. Looking forward to Year 7 and 9 next week and also Year 10 later on in the year.

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