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Fonuakula Alofi

The Department of Environment is happy to work together with our village communities to put a management plan in place in how we can work together to control the spread of invasive species within their villages.Thanks to the village of Hakupu for taking the lead in trying to control some of the invasive species found within their village. The work is being led by the Hakupu Mens Council and we will continue to work together to implement the plan that we have put in place. The first phase will be to remove taro vine from various sites within the village. Taro Vine is the worst invasive weed that we currently have on Niue and is having a major impact on our environment and livelihoods. The Department is happy to assist each village as part of the GEF6 Regional Invasives Project. Invasive Species Is Everyone’s Responsibilty so lets work together to control the spread of these invasive weeds in our villages.

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