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Fonuakula Alofi

New Vehicle for ”Niuean Invasive Species Battler”

“The Director of Environment and Global Environment Facility (GEF) Operational Focal Point (OFP), Mr Haden Talagi officially launched the new ”Niuean Invasive Species Battler” vehicle. The vehicle is part of the support provided from the Global Environment Facility 6, Regional Invasive Project (GEF-6 RIP) that Niue is part of with three other Pacific Countries (Tuvalu, […]
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Invasive Species awareness programme

We are happy to start off our field trips for our Invasive Species awareness programme targeting our younger generations. It has been proven that kids will learn more outside the classroom than inside.Yesterday we had students from Niue High School from both Year 8 classes. They have only just started learning about invasive species in […]
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Fakalofa lahi atu Lakepa Maleloa

The Department of Environment will be stationing their rubbish truck at the village green this coming Saturday during the annual Lakepa Show Day 2020. This pilot programme is to allow the village and stall vendors early collection of waste, effective waste management and to avoid nasty smells and flies/insect infestation over the weekend.Please ensure your […]
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